Cover Reveal! Deadly Call!

 The Cover for Deadly Call is Here!

 Check out DIESEL! That’s right. Diesel’s story is next!


Cover by Natasha Brown

 Deep in the shadows of Boston, Massachusetts, the Order—a secret brotherhood of New Breed warriors—is all that stands between a takeover by shifter supremacists.

Diesel, the most charismatic of the brothers, exudes a love for life all the while carrying a terrible burden. A veteran of the Iraq War, he is haunted by the traumatic events of a single night. Poisoned by shame and certain he is cursed, Diesel fears he is a danger to everyone around him.

Helen, the Order’s stunning and gifted surgeon, has a few demons of her own. Even as she and Diesel give in to the deepest pleasures of the mating call, something still holds her back. Destiny threatens to divide them, until, in the midst of unimaginable tragedy, they must banish the ghosts of the past to save their future.



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2 Responses to Cover Reveal! Deadly Call!

  1. Crista Witherspoon says:

    I am so excited about the new release in the the
    New Breed series! Your novels contain characters that can related to and understood in today’s modern times! I look forward to the twists and turns your novels send us through!

    • Martha Bourke says:

      Hi Crista!

      Keeping the books modern and current with different social issues, fun dialogue, pop culture etc. I’m currently working on Fatal Call, X’s story.

      Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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