Desperate Call – Pax and James are here! Happy Halloween!


Available for Amazon Kindle October 15th! 

Only in each other will they find salvation.

 Pax, the bravest and most honorable brother in the Order, is fearless in the face of the enemy. His skills in battle are legendary, but his need to cling to duty hides a crushing fear of abandonment. Banished by his family as a teen for being gay, only to lose the love of his life, Pax is just beginning to open up again.

James, a brash young brother led by the heart, has a different kind of courage that has led him to make an unimaginable sacrifice. As anger and guilt begin to consume him, James is becoming a danger to himself and to his brothers. The passion of the warriors is fierce both on and off the battlefield, but will it be enough to save James from himself?

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FATAL CALL is NOW AVAILABLE in the Amazon Kindle Store!

Read Xavier’s story!!!

Click to find Fatal Call on Amazon 

 And, as always, enjoy your favorites. Catch up with Pax and James, see what’s new with Troy and Evy, and find out what’s happening in the epic battle between Ana and Victrixa!  

(Other ebook formats and paperback version coming soon.)

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 FATAL CALL (New Breed #4)

Released NEXT WEEK!


 The biggest fall the hardest.

Xavier, the Order’s Alpha male, is the strongest and brightest of the brothers. Dealing with a crushing loss from his past, he is focused solely on defeating the shifter supremacists of Toltec. Safe inside his world of logic and reason there is no room for a female.

When Harvard professor Rose Sato is attacked by hellions, Xavier comes to her aid. Unable to resist the mating call, they give in to their passion. But Rose has a secret. One that neither strength nor intelligence can fix. One that hits Xavier too close to home. 


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Mating Call Release is Next Week!


Cover art by Natasha Brown

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this gorgeous cover with you! And as Troy is the Order’s only Irish New Breed, it really is the perfect day to release his cover! Mating Call will be released next week on Amazon.


He’s loved her most of his life. But he’s not the only one who wants her…

Troy Thomsen, the only Boston native in the Order, has survived an abusive foster home and the death of his younger brother before becoming a New Breed. A loner, Troy dreams of the day he can tell feisty Evelyn O’Donnell how he feels about her. But even though they’ve lived in Southie all their lives, their worlds could not be further apart.

Evelyn is human.                                        

Raised in an ideal Irish Catholic home, Evy is studying to be a youth counselor unaware she’s being watched. Compelled by the protective instinct, Troy is powerless to stay away from Evy, until his attention leads a group of rogues straight to her. As the war continues to rage around them, Troy vigilantly tracks her as Wolf. Even if he finds her, he knows he has no right to her. But once their worlds collide, there’s no going back. In the middle of a war filled with hatred and prejudice Troy and Evy must find a place where they belong.

If you want to get really rowdy, click to read all of Chapter One! 

There will be a lot of fun posts on the site this week and next to celebrate the release, so be sure to stop back for the newest playlist, etc. And, as always, thanks for sharing the weird wonderful New Breed World with me! 




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Cover Reveal! Deadly Call!

 The Cover for Deadly Call is Here!

 Check out DIESEL! That’s right. Diesel’s story is next!


Cover by Natasha Brown

 Deep in the shadows of Boston, Massachusetts, the Order—a secret brotherhood of New Breed warriors—is all that stands between a takeover by shifter supremacists.

Diesel, the most charismatic of the brothers, exudes a love for life all the while carrying a terrible burden. A veteran of the Iraq War, he is haunted by the traumatic events of a single night. Poisoned by shame and certain he is cursed, Diesel fears he is a danger to everyone around him.

Helen, the Order’s stunning and gifted surgeon, has a few demons of her own. Even as she and Diesel give in to the deepest pleasures of the mating call, something still holds her back. Destiny threatens to divide them, until, in the midst of unimaginable tragedy, they must banish the ghosts of the past to save their future.



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