Interview with Maya

The morning I met Maya Delaney was not all that different from most. I was running slightly late, as usual. I was also on my third cup of coffee, which for me is the norm. But for some reason I was slightly nervous, which was odd. Then again, maybe it wasn’t. It’s not every day you meet the girl who’s supposed to save the world.

Good morning, Maya. It’s nice to finally meet you. Have a seat and we’ll get started.

Hi. Thanks. (She sits down and tucks her legs up into the chair)

First, Maya, let’s talk about your family.  

Well, my loser-mom left when I was four. So it’s really been just my dad and me at home. Which is fine, because, seriously, who abandons their kid and moves to Las Vegas? How cheesy is that? But, I have my grandma. She’s actually my loser-mom’s mom. We’ve always been really close. That’s where my Mayan blood comes from. Actually, it was Grandma’s idea to call me Maya. Sometimes that’s done to, you know, honor our Mayan culture. I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s the strongest person I know.

Do they get along, your father and grandmother?

Sure, I mean, my Dad isn’t crazy about the Mayan stuff, but I think he’s glad I have someone who’s like, a good role model and stuff.

What is your greatest joy?

My mate, Matt. You know how shifters mate for life ‘n all. But, I guess it’s not every day you find out that your mate is supposed to save the world when the Mayan calendar ends. Hello!   But, he’s stood by me through everything. He’s my rock. I owe him so much. (flushes slightly)

You’re sixteen and still in high school. Do you feel like you fit in?

Me? No. No way. Not even close. I live in southern New Mexico. I’m a Hispanic who can’t speak Spanish because I’ve got some kind of recessive language gene. I’m a geek who dates the quarterback. I’m a shifter. No, I’m a total freak of nature. (laughs)

Who are your closest friends?

My BFF’s are Lyssa and Damian Vasquez. They’re twins. We’ve been best friends since like, the third grade. They’re awesome. I mean, it’s a little annoying when they speak Spanish. And, man, they argue a lot. But, I guess most siblings do, right?

I would say so. I know I fought with mine.

‘Course I guess most siblings can’t read each other’s minds, but…um, crap. How many people are going to be reading this?

That’s fine. Do you have a favorite TV show?

Yeah, sadly. It’s Glee. The twins and I are total Gleeks. We have this thing that we do. We DVR it on Tuesday night and then no one is allowed to watch it until we all get together on Saturday afternoon. We do drinks and snacks. We even sing the songs we know. Talk about dorks!

Let’s talk fashion. What are you most comfortable in?

I really love a nice pair of jeans. They’re pretty much all I wear. I usually wear boots. And my hair is really long, so it’s easiest to just throw it in a ponytail. Plus, I like it up to show off my mark.

Your shifter’s mark. I noticed that. You’re very proud of being a shifter. What made you decide that you wanted to be so open about it? Many aren’t.

Well, Matt and I believe that it’s really important to be who you are. And, I dunno, we just support each other a lot, I guess.

Okay, let’s do some fun rapid fire. Just say the first thing that comes to mind, okay?


Introvert or extravert?


Favorite meal?

Breakfast for dinner. Hands-down.

Movie or book?

Book first.

Can’t live without…

Diet Coke.

Most overused word?


Cats or dogs?

Dogs, definitely (giggles).

Greatest fear?


Thanks for much for making the time to be with us today. Saving the world has to be quite…err, time consuming.

Thanks for having me!



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