Members Of The Order By Age

Soaring Eagle

Book: Forbidden Call

Age 39

Second Form: Eagle

Mexico/Kikapu Reservation

Mate: Ana

Extra Ability: Can share his nagual



Age 37

Second Form: Snowy Owl


Mate: Adriana

Offspring: Ana Maya

Extra Ability: Telepathy



Leader of the Order

Age 34

Second Form: Lion


Mate: The Goddess Akina as her Consort


Xavier (X)

Book: Fatal Call

Age 31

Second Form: Cheetah


Mate: Rose

Graduated MIT



Book: Deadly Call

Age 28

Second Form: Tiger


Mate: Helen (The Order’s surgeon)

Iraq War Veteran



Age 25

Second Form: Komodo Dragon


Mate: No

Owns all of the Order’s property



Age 22

Second Form: Black Stallion

Puerto Rico

Mate: No

Extra Ability: Phase into other shifters/humans



Book: Forbidden Call

Age 20

Second form: Cobra


Mate: Soaring Eagle

Extra Ability: Teleportation



Book: Mating Call

Age 20

Second Form: Wolf


Mate: Evy (The Seer)

Extra Ability: Control emotions of others



Age 18

Second Form: Kodiak Bear 


Mate: No

Extra Ability: Able to manipulate electricity

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3 Responses to Members Of The Order By Age

  1. Kimberley says:

    Omg please tell me Dimitri will be getting a book soon,i love Komodo Dragon’s lol!!!!!!!!!

    And how do you pronouce Reyn name??

    • Martha Bourke says:

      Hi Kimberley,

      Yes, Dimitri will definitely have his own book. The series will have a minimum of ten books and he’s down the road a little ways yet. Fatal Call is due out this fall 2014. Anyone who needs one of the books in Nook format can get in touch with me through the contact page on this site. ;)

      Oh! Reyn is pronounced ‘rain’ like the weather. Thanks for stopping in!

      • Kimberley says:

        Well i will be contacting you then lol.all of these brothers are so damn smexy its hard to pick just one of them rofl.and i look forward to reading all of there stories.

        And thanks for telling me how to pronoune Reyn name.

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